by Florian Oberparleiter®

Nature did not design the horse’s head for it to carry a weight or the pull of a rope. For this reason, it is Florian’s aim to train his horses well enough that the rope is only used for guiding the horse. If there is no pull on the rope, it can be placed around the neck of the horse. The Soft-Rope, which is 7.5 meters long, enables you to do that.

Every Florian Oberparleiter Rope is a unique combination of two ropes. It seems to be a usual high- quality lead rope, BUT it gets softer and softer towards the end. So, it actually is two ropes in one: It is heavy and thin where you use it for leading and it gets thicker and softer on the other end. When using the end to put pressure on the horse, it causes discomfort in the moment of use but does not cause lasting pain.

The 7.5 meter Soft-Rope is ideally suited for advanced groundwork.

Delivery content: The rope comes with a 3 cm ring, in order to tie a loop around the horse’s neck. Does not come with a carabiner